Language Services

This is an overview of the main language services I provide.
Additional services such as help with alignments or terminology research can be arranged on request.


DE > EN and IT > EN
From 0.09 EUR per word.

Translation is about being able to connect with your customers, clients and colleagues on a more personal level. A native-standard translation gets your message across professionally and effectively.

Specialist subject areas, formatting or urgent deadlines may be subject to surcharges. Minimum charge of 200 words applies for small projects.


From 0.03 EUR per word or 30 EUR per hour for bilingual proofreading.

The source and target texts are compared to check correct translation as well as spelling, grammar and appropriate style.

A flawless text demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail, both things you can’t do without, regardless of the context.

Monolingual proofreading is also available on request.


Prices dependent on format, complexity and available references.

Make sure your international users get the same seamless experience as your home market.

Multilingual SEO is not as simple as directly translating your keywords – I can also help you get inside the heads of your English-speaking clients and understand how they search.


Machine translation may be the future… but we’re not there yet.

I can correct machine translations performed by professional software beginning at 0.05 EUR per word.
Pricing depends on text type and quality of the translation.

DTP Services

Stuck when it comes to creating attractive and effective layouts? I can help you create the perfect layout for your poster, brochure or any other texts, in a variety of formats.

Looks good…

Still have questions? Check my FAQ page for answers to common questions, or go directly to my contact page to find out how to get a quote.